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Freeze dried snacks made in Murray KY, by us at phillip grace co, we offer an assortment of snacks and continue to grow this collection, candies are a favorite with everyone, most are light and airy with a nice crunchy first bite, others like starburst are firm and hard on first bite but began to dissolve. the process of removing the moisture from the candies causes an enhancement of flavors.

backorder candy ships in 7-9 days, instock candy ships in 2-3 days

these products are not made, endorsed or distributed by any name brand manufacture, these products are not labeled for individual resale, if you have any known allergens to any products seen on our page please use caution as all products are made in the same facility

our process includes use of stainless equipment, silicon molds and mats, parchment paper, and packaged in mylar bags with clear fronts

due to the use mylar bags with a clear film front these items should be kept in a low heat and low humidity area away from direct sunlight

for questions or concerns about our products, or damage to the products please reach out directly at or on our Facebook page.

not available for wholesale purchase at this time due to supply constraints and the rules and regulations of ky cottage laws. please check back later for more information on bulk orders

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Weight .2 lb
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 cm
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skittles original, skittles mixed berry, skittles sour, skittles spicy, lemon heads, salt water taffy assorted, salt water taffy toffy, salt water taffy vanilla, salt water taffy chocolate, salt water taffy rootbeer float, salt water taffy watermelon, jolly ranchers, gummy bears, gummy worms, werthers caramel, fruit rollups, starburst, starburst swirls, bit o honey